Ventilation In Birmingham

Ventilation In Birmingham


Ventilation fans control pollutants within the air such as bacteria, moisture, odours etc. Ventilation works by drawing in fresh air from outdoors and mixing with the stale indoor air. This lowers the concentration of pollutants indoors.This is essential to ensure employees are provided with a healthy work environment which supports well being, workplace efficiency and compliance with health and safety regulations. Ventilation is also important within households, especially within kitchens and bathrooms.

MAC engineers are skilled at installing a variety of different ventilation systems including:

  • Exhaust Ventilation systems: works by reducing the air pressure within the building. Fans extract air from inside allowing fresh air from the outside to filter into the building through vents.
  • Supply Ventilation systems: works by increasing the air pressure within the building. Fans force fresh air from outside into the building which in turn pushes the stale air outside.
  • Balanced Ventilation systems: uses a mixture of exhaust and supply ventilation systems which allows fresh air to be pulled into the building whilst stale air is being extracted. This type of system is generally used within larger buildings such as schools, office blocks and hotels.
  • Heat recovery systems: works by extracting warm stale air from within the building into a heat recovery unit, along with clean fresh air from outside. The heat recovery unit then uses the warm air to heat the new clean air. The new warm clean air is then supplied to the building via ductwork. The stale air, which is now cooler than before, is extracted from the building. This is the most energy efficient ventilation system.

A MAC consultant will discuss with you your requirements and recommend a ventilation system based upon your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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