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General Ventilation:

General ventilation fans run constantly to control pollutants from sources that can’t be spot ventilated, i.e. bacteria, viruses, moisture, body odour etc. General ventilation helps control these pollutants by mixing fresh outdoor air with the stale indoor air, which lowers the concentration of pollutants indoors. The fresh air is provided by fans causing pressurising and the indoor stale air is forced out by depressurising.


Exhaust - Only:

Exhaust-only ventilation works using exhaust fans which pull stale air outside whilst forcing new outdoor air to replace the air that is removed.

Supply and Exhaust:

Supply and exhaust ventilation works by using exhaust fans to remove stale air from indoor whilst at the same time intake fans draw in fresh air. This system is more complex than exhaust only, but ensures the best flow of fresh outdoor air into your office or factory. Fresh outdoor air is drawn in via intake fans and is distributed to different rooms and offices via heating and cooling ducts.


Air Ventilation Systems

Ventilation requires a constant stream of fresh air circulating the workplace, replacing stale air. Nowadays it is essential to provide employees with a healthy work environment. MAC will come out and offer a free quote and we will then design and fully install a ventilation system to suit you and your needs. The ventilation system will provide benefits for both employees and consequently increase your company’s efficiency, and it will also help ensure compliance with the latest Health and Safety Legislation.

Most ventilation systems now are designed whereby the fans feature a totally enclosed condenser motor and a double-tapered bladed wheel to quietly remove the stale air. A small wheel turning fast creates a lot more noise than a large wheel turning more slowly, therefore we install fans with a wide blower wheel that moves a large amount of air at reduced RPMs, and hence is quiet and ideal for working environment.
The fans MAC install are designed to give you continuous, trouble-free operation for many years.




Above: A picture of a Panasonic heat recovery ventilation unit. This would be used to carry out the above two processes.

Above: A picture of a ventilation fan, now designed to be much more quieter and therefore more efficient and cost effective.

Above: A picture representing the process of the heat recovery unit. The picture shows that hot, muggy, dirty air is extracted from the bathroom and kitchen (rooms that become warm and muggy very easily).The warm muggy air is extracted into the heat recovery unit, along with clean fresh air from outside. The heat recovery unit then uses the warm air to heat the new clean air. The new warm clean air is then supplied to the house via the bedroom and lounge. The muggy dirty air, which is now cooler than before, is extracted out of the house from the roof. Overall this system shows that the air circulates around the house and muggy unclean air is extracted out and new clean warm air is supplied to the house, showing the system is efficient and effective.


The diagram below is 3D schematic diagram of the same process. It shows that air is extracted from the bathroom and kitchen, the two most likely places to produce muggy unclean air. The air is then extracted into the heat recovery unit in order to produce warm clean air for the house, and remove the unclean air.

The diagram above shows the two different types of mounting available for ventilation systems. The first type of mounting is the Wall Mounted ventilation system, whereby the a grille is placed on the wall of the office, toilet or factory and directly outside there is an external grille. The system works by using an in-line back draught shutter and in-line duct fan, so that clean air can be supplied to the room or office and unclean air is extracted outside.

The second type of mounting is a loft mounting system. This works on the same principle as the wall mounted system, except that the ducting runs horizontal along the base of the loft or false ceiling and is used to supply clean air and extract unclean muggy air.


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