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Wall or floor mounted units

These types of air conditioning units are ideal for offices, homes, schools and restaurants. They can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling of your desired choice. The air conditioning units will also provide a heating option, which is ideal for use in the cooler months. These types of units can be attached to a single outdoor unit, but have multiple indoor units. If space is an issue, ceiling units are ideal as they can be installed into the ceiling itself.


Ceiling Mounted Cassettes

These air conditioning units are more ideal for larger rooms or offices. The sleek design of these units make them highly popular for many offices, shops and restaurants. They can be easily operated via a remote keypad or wall-mounted control panel.

Ducted Systems

These air conditioning systems can be hidden within the ceiling and can heat and cool large areas, and is very ideal for large factories or open plan offices. The ducted systems work by carring air to ceiling mounted diffusers via the ductwork in the ceiling. The diffuser grilles then provide a even temperature for the large area.

Cassettes and Compact Cassettes

These air conditioning units are ideal for use in offices, shops, and restaurants. The cassettes are placed in the ceiling, and are ideal when space is an issue. The units are ideal as the cool air can be blown in 4 directions, and is controlled by a remote control or a wall mounted keypad. This air conditioning unit can also be used in the colder months as a heating system.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Units


Nowadays inverter air conditioning units are supplied  by Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and most leading air conditioning manufacturers. MAC are qualified to install these new energy efficient units which can save up to 70% on running costs. These new air conditioning units provide both heating and cooling capactities. These air conditioning units uses ozone friendly R407C and R410A refrigerant gases and these new gases help reduce the energy consumption compared to the old air conditioning units. The graph below shows how the use of inverter technology can reduce the costs of both heating and cooling, as it helps stabilise the temperature more effectively and hence less energy is wasted.


Air Conditioning Installation


On every project MAC works on, we provide highly qualified and reliable engineers that will ensure that the installation of your air conditioning can be done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

MAC are qualified to install a range of different make air conditioning units to suit your needs. These include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsui, LG and many more. We can therefore design a system that meets all your required needs.

Air Conditioning
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